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Sagaydak Varvara Aleksandrovna, Postgraduate student, Volgograd branch of Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation (8 Gagarina street, Volgograd, Russia),

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Background. The information society development causes an increased attention to non-core fields of companies’ acticities. The external social image formsa company’s image in the external medium influencing the perception of a company by its consumers, partners, suppliers, supervisory bodies. The problem of external social image formation for business organizations of Volgograd is a topical one. The aim of the work is to reveal main characteristics of the external social image of business organizations of Volgograd, motives for its development and the most efficient formation tools.
Materials and methods. The research taks were implemented on the basis of a sociological research, carried out by the author in 2015 among top managers of Volgograd companies. The methodological potential included methods of system and comparative analysis, determination, questionaires.
Results. The author analyzed the external social image condition of business organizations of Volgograd, revealed principal motives and most efficient tools of its formation.
Conclusions. The main motives for the external social image establishment for Volgograd companies are creation of a positive company image and increasing company’s competitiveness through a positive public opinion. The most efficient financial methods of external social image formation are the following: grants, charity, sponsorship and socially significant marketing.

Key words

business organization, external social image, formation motives, formation tools

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